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Total Records: 33
ECA:D Synthetic 60 Overs (Merrell Shield)
3rd XI (ECA:LOC 5 (Minahan Shield))
ECA:Menzies & Mackay Shield (80 overs)
1 Wroe, Aiden J001
2 Jones, Martin001
3 Murray, Nick100
4 Shields, Robert010
5 Vlasiou, Peter100
6 Wescombe, Asher001
7 Fist, Lachlan001
8 Vlasiou, Donald010
9 Wescombe, Jacob001
10 Brink, Henk010
11 Huett, Alistair001
12 Menna, Saikiran100
13 Bardsley, Jayden100
14 Potter, William001
15 Digby, Alexander F010
16 Mulholland, Zac001
17 Steiner, Adam100
18 Murray, Jeremy100
19 Wilson, Nick001
20 Di Fede, Daniel001
21 Fazi, Mohommed100
22 Weerasiri, Rajeev010
23 Haris, Shahroze100
24 Mathew, Jacob100
25 Rehman, Hussain010
26 Lakkitha, Sahan001
27 Baba, Sarmad100
28 Kumarathunga, Wadu Mesthri T010
29 Hyder, Kumail100
30 Sheikh, Faiz010
31 Nassinka, Duminda010
32 Rana, Haris010
33 Baloch, Awais010
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Total Records: 33


Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.